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10 lb Rib-eye Steak (Bone-in) Bundle

10 lb Rib-eye Steak (Bone-in) Bundle

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The Rib-eye is one of the most prized cuts and is harvested from the upper ribs, ranging from rib 6 through 12. If you're familiar with the Delmonico, the Rib-eye is quite similar, only there's a bone attached. Our customers often select the rib-eye to complete their entrees for a special occasion like Christmas or a Birthday dinner. The best part is the rib-eye is quite low maintenance to prepare but always leaves an positive lasting impression on the diner. It's not unusual to fall in love with this 100% grass fed product and keep coming back for more.

Another one of our budget friendly and convenient bundle options, this takes less than 1/2 cu. foot of freezer space.